TOCTEAM is a software manufacturer for organizations in various sectors under the MPI Cloud brand. The company develops management system for such internal processes of the enterprise as: management accounting, quality control, manufacturing, personnel management, warehouse management, etc.

The MPI cloud system is primarily designed to provide management with information about the costs associated with the products produced by the organization. In addition to the software supply, the company offers services for its implementation, using its own methodology.

“TOCTEAM” refers to BPM Research and Practice LLC, company registered in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

Corporate Responsibily

TOCTEAM regards the concept of corporate responsibility as one of the key areas of business development. We are convinced that corporate responsibility is, above all, loyalty to the values ​​of the company, principally new opportunities’ establishment and determination of new vectors of development. These vectors enable to unfold hidden capacity of society, which predetermines its sustainable development. We believe that such approach best of all defines business model as one of the key factors in modern society, covering both economic and social spheres of life as well as ecological one.

Our team is aimed at enhancing contribution to constant development of the society through the implementation of social responsibility programs, building constructive interaction with government authorities and public institutions.

We are fully understanding and responsible to build the prosperous society. Our actions in the field of corporate responsibility are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of the environment, to promote the development of education and improve public welfare.

Corporate culture and values

World community development direction creates a need for continuous improvement in business operation area. TOCTEAM is the company with rich international experience

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, experts in their fields, who are at the head of the Company, inspiring next generation of specialists by their own example, passing them invaluable experience and knowledge. TOCTEAM offers completely new career development opportunities for its employees. TOCTEAM is friendly and cohesive team, implementing most boldest and extraordinary ideas.

TOCTEAM is a team of leaders, walking ahead, who expand borders of horizons and set new trends in the international arena in the provision of financial services.

Our values and corporate culture are a guarantee of high quality services to our clients. Our values are what we are guided by daily, it is the embodiment of our ideals and ethical standards that define and distinguish our professionals, this is our clients’ confidence in us.

Our corporate ethics are based on nine key principals that guide our work:

  • Continuity of experience and knowledge
  • Teamwork
  • Implementation of the most boldest and extraordinary solutions, using the means of integrated analysis methods
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • High degree of competence
  • Confidentiality
  • Openness to the world
  • Good business practice
  • Respect

We trust in our team’s professionalism, our limitless potential and opportunities, values and precepts which determine both success of our Company and the society as a whole. We appreciate each of our clients.

We are creating the future.

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