Public Sector

Our main focus while providing public sector services is programs’ development to improve the efficiency of public and non-profit organizations, taking into account human resources and obligations to society.

Our clients are administration bodies, healthcare enterprises and public organizations. Understanding the responsibility assigned to the activities of these organizations, we strive to develop effective organizational models as well as develop the skills of employees as a fundamental element for creating a solid foundation for continuous improvements.

Whereas, improvements in the field of public administration lead to improvements in the life’s quality and social development, which requires a detailed analysis of the key tasks facing each specific organization, and the need to perform which is difficult in the context of budget constraints and an unstable economic environment.

Thus, we support our Customers from the beginning of the project to its completion, where the end result is the transfer of skills and competencies to employees for independent transformations.


Based on world-class practice, we offer our clients all the necessary tools for analyzing and managing performance in order to make informed and informed decisions.
Our specialists analyze the activities of the Client’s company and develop the most efficient logistic models by simulating the economic benefits of the transformation and integration of disconnected parts of the supply chains into a single system. Experience in various areas of industry allows us to combine various methods of organizing the process of supply chain management to achieve significant performance indicators.
Possessing a world-class practice, we offer our Customers all the necessary tools (Active Based Costing, Through Accounting and Target Costing) for analyzing business performance in order to make balanced and reasonable decisions.
With MPI Product Data Management, users can rapidly commercialize, govern, and publish product master data for globalized manufacturing.
Combining deep functional knowledge and multi-sectoral experience, our specialists, together with Clients, develop target operating models that meet the requirements of all interested groups of the organization. At the same time, implementing programs for the transformation of operating activities, our approach is focused on developing the skills and competencies of the Client’s employees as carriers of transformations. At the same time, implementing transformation programmes of operating activities, our approach is focused on developing Client’s employees skills and competencies of the as carriers of transformations.

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