December 4-6, 2019 – MPI presented a solution for Android tablets at the Kazan Mashforum (Mechanical Engineering Forum)

The MECHANICAL ENGINEERING METALWORKING WELDING FORUM took place from December 4 to 6, where MPI presented a solution for tablet computers on the Android platform. This solution enabled to supplement the format of the stationary work center with a new technical solution allowing the registration of production operations in one device.

In addition, the stationary work centers make it possible to organize accounting of the lots movement more effectively, which is especially important in mechanical engineering and small-scale production.

The stationary work center itself can be equipped with various means of information recording, depending on the various production needs. For example, the format of a stationary work center, with a tablet computer as its core in conjunction with a barcode scanner caused a precisely great interest among MPI Clients. This approach to capturing information has several advantageous features, including: 

* Low deploying cost of such work center

 * Low running costs

 * High level of employee involvement, as they can independently register their actions without unnecessary reporting

 * Quick integration into the workflow due to its small technical needs, as well as due to an interface easy for employees to get used to

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