February 25-28, 2020 – MPI organized a BootCamp for partners in Innopolis

MPI held a Bootcamp for partners in Innopolis on February 25-28 to get acquainted with the MPI solution of Supply Chain – Manufacturing. 

The event was attended by leading engineers, project managers and business development leaders.

We reviewed the company’s approach to targeting, presentations and benefits of software solutions, as well as available resources and the next steps.

 During four days, participants:

• Got acquainted with the sales methodology, lead generation channels, criteria for potential customers identification, communication formats with customers and other product selling techniques;

• Considered the procedure for implementation projects realization;

• Got basic working skills with MPI Supply Chain, and also collected their own model cases. Studied the business logic of the application;

• Considered the implemented cases in various sectors of the economy (industry, medicine, construction, etc.).

Participants on the part of MPI:

• Azar Izmailov, MPI Director of Business Efficiency Improvement 

• Artem Kozhemyakin, MPI Director

• Arsen Ilyin, MPI Business Process Consultant.

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