November 27, 2019 – MPI held a business meeting with Zebra and the partners

On November 27, MPI held a business meeting with Zebra and the partners, where MPI experts presented a package of MPI solutions, as well as shared their experience of MPI application in various industries and the results of the R&D department activity for adapting Zebra equipment in WEB applications, using the example of access to a barcode scanner, and method of easy making and printing tags with variable content and complex design.

Among the project experience, cases were presented in the field of construction, light industry and mechanical engineering.

The results of the MPI Quality Assurance solution implementation were demonstrated as a case study from light industry to the regional leader in the reinforced concrete products production in the Republic of Mari El. About a hundred production sites are registered using scanners daily in the MPI software platform by equipping manufactured products with 2D marks. The system fulfills a real time monitoring of work performed by the specialists in quality control and product characterization.

Following the business meeting, agreements on further joint efforts were reached between MPI, Zebra and OCS in the field of marketing events for 2020, which will be held in the Central, Volga Region, Siberian and Ural Federal Districts. For more information or to sign up for a demonstration, as well as for attending events in 2020, contact us through the feedback form on the website.

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