October 28 -30, 2020 – regular BootCapm organized by MPI for partners in Innopolis

On 28 – 30th of October BootCamp for MPI partners had been organized in Innopolis. 

There were participants from different parts of Russia. There were guests from Moscow, Orenburg, Saratov, Samara, Izhevsk and other cities. 

MPI gathered presale specialists, sales managers and team heads together to lay them out solutions essential for successful implementation of MPI and lean manufacturing practice. 

During these three days our participants: 

  • Got to know more about realization of the lean manufacturing methodology supported by MPI product. Learned about 4М, 5S methods;
  • Had a look at sales techniques, lead generation channels, criteria for determining potential customers, handling clients and other sales methods;
  • Examined an order of implementation project realization;
  • Got basic knowledge about usage of  MPI Supply Chain and created their own sample cases. Learned a business logic of application;
  • Checked some real cases from different industries (manufacturing, medical industry, construction and s.o.) 

Participants on the part of MPI:

  • Azar Izmailov, MPI Director of Business Efficiency Improvement 
  • Artyom Kozhemyakin, MPI Director of Technology
  • Hamdi Hmeid, external MPI consultant of business processes  

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