On 15th of July partnership event with MPI, Real Lean, Zebra & OCS was held in St.Petersburg

You can compare a modern approach to business management in the field of industry to haute cuisine. How to get and replicate a product worthy of the highest ratings? Professional experience of a Chief in combination with contribution of each team member, unique recipe and special ingredients is the key to gourmet cuisine. To keep the highest status it’s important to learn from the best, adopt best practices and create your own unique style.  

We follow this  approach and therefore we constantly communicate with our partners and share our experience. On 15 Th of July a partnership event with elements of haute cuisine took place in St.Petersburg. Representatives of  OCS, Zebra, Real Lean and MPI participated. We discussed relevant industry issues and joined a master-class organized by CulinaryOn where everyone felt worthy of a Michelin star.

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