On 3rd of June MPI took part in the conference “Digitalization of industries” in Nizhny Novgorod.

On the 3rd of June conference “Digitalization of industries” was held in Nizhny Novgorod. MPI and industrial companies of Nizhny Novgorod region participated in this event. 

The main aim of the conference was to help owners and top-management of business to understand current digital solutions. Participants could bring up painful subjects directly to experts and see how it works in practice. 

Speakers from MPI – managing directors of the company: Azar Izmailov and Artyom Kozhemyakin. 

Solutions for digitalization of key production processes had been presented.Under supervision of Azar Izmailov guests had tried: 

  • to set up and test in action system for recording of goods movements in warehouse;
  • to see in practice the transparency of production cycle in case of usage of digital solutions; 

Presentations had been finalized by Mr.Hamdi Khmeid – business coach and lean manufacturing guru. He showed on the cases how Lean-concept helps productions to become leaders. Guests had an opportunity to communicate during the breaks between presentations. They raised questions and shared their experiences. 

The conference passed usefully for all participants. Everybody discussed their questions, raised by speakers as well as shared their experience.   

Завершил цикл выступлений Хамди Хмеид — бизнес-тренер и гуру бережливого производства, показав на кейсах производств, как Lean-концепция помогает выйти на лидирующие позиции. В перерывах между выступлениями гости общались, задавали вопросы и обменивались опытом.

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