Question of building an effective business-processes in production remains the most essential for our partner in Ural. How could advanced digital technology help to find a solution, was discussed at the event.
The topic of the event: Management and optimization of business processes on production. How to build an effective and profitable system using advanced digital solutions.
Сan we compare a modern approach to business management in the field of industry to haute cuisine? Absolutely!
New technologies have been demonstrated, which made tracking of production processes possible,
Import substitution is the main strategic aim in Russia nowadays. Head of MPI participated in this event and presented our solutions.
The main aim of the conference was to help owners and top-management of business to understand current digital solutions.
On 22nd of March MPI company office moved to a new office located in Urban Business Center.
Representatives of industrial companies of Samara learned more about various suggestions which can benefit management and optimization of business-processes in production. 
As of Order №706 dd.14.12.2020 by Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications MPI Supply Chain Management software is included in the Register of Russian software, record in Addendum 1, item number 202, registry id #7724
Interesting Lean Implementation Questions and Discussion of Kaizen Philosophy Raised at BootCamp
First Russian conference aimed at global dialogue and cooperation of government and businesses on topics of digital economic development, digital industry transformation, execution of «Digital economy» national project, development of Russian high-quality export, cyber-security.
A business meeting was held at Zebra headquarters in Moscow on March 19, 2020.

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